Jorge Jiménez: Regular Artist on SuperSons & Regular Cover Artist on Superman (DC Rebirth) 

Rafa Sandoval: Regular Artist on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (DC Rebirth)

Vicente Cifuentes: Penciller on Earth 2 #19 to #22 (DC) / Inker and Finishes in Injustice 2 Chapters 9 & 10 (DC) / Inker on Nightwing #22 (DC Rebirth)

Bruno Redondo: Regular Artist & Cover Artists on Injustice 2 (DC)

Daniel Sampere: Regular Artist on Injustice 2 (DC)

Javi Fernández: Regular Artist & Cover Artist on Nightwing (DC Comics Rebirth)

Miguel Mendonça: Trinity #7 Penciller (DC) / Rose #2 Variant Cover Artist (Image Comics) / Nightwing #22, #24, #28 & #30 (DC Rebirth)

Ulises Arreola: Green Lanterns #18 & #24 (DC Rebirth) / Faith and The Future Force (Valiant) / Detective Comics #963 & #964 (DC)

Jordi Tarragona: Regular Inker on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (DC Comics Rebirth)

Alejandro Sánchez: Regular Colorist on SuperSons / Regular Cover Colorist on Superman (DC Rebirth) / Regular Cover Colorist on Injustice 2 (DC)

Axel Giménez: Secret Project for DC & Mattel

Juan Albarrán: Regular Inker on Injustice 2 (DC)

Edgar Salazar: Uncanny X-Men #16, #18 & #19 (Marvel) / Guardians Of Galaxy - Mission Breakout #1 (Marvel) / Regular Artist on Iceman (Marvel)

Sergio Dávila: Regular Artist on Conan The Slayer (Dark Horse).

Diana Egea: Inks - Wonder Woman #51 & #52 / Teen Titans #21 & 23 (DC) / NightWing #28 & #30 (DC)

Mateo Guerrero: French Album

Pepe Caldelas: New Short Movie & Novel

We hope you enjoy our art.


Nutopi@ Agency is composed by artists around the world: Spain, Argentina, Mexico,  Portugal, Indonesia...

Mainly we make comics for the world's largest publishers like Marvel, DC, Valiant, Dark Horse, Panini, Soleil, Le Lombard, Glenat, ... but we have also worked on advertising, illustration, books and CD covers, exhibitions, conventions ...

Currently we are doing this:

Nutopi@ Agency, Great Artists around the world

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